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January 1 2023: Happy New Year everyone. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time. We watned to get the dates out for everyone so you can make plans to join us for the 2023 US Indoor Champs.  Dates for this year are Novemeber 22-26 2023. We hope you can make plans to join us. 


June 1 2022:

Even though summer is in full swing it is never to late to think about the annual pilgrimage to Cleveland for the Indoor Champs. Entries for the 2022 Champs goes live on July 18th at 7pmct. Many changes have been made to the class structure and rules to make it even easier for racers to attend the longest runnign event in the RC World. We hope you can join us. 

November 28:

The 2021 Indoor Champs is in the books and what a great event we had. So much exciting and fun racing with all the history that has made the Indoor Champs what it has become. We want to thank all the racers, familes and friends who came to join us.  We are already working on ideas for 2022 to make the event better. We would apprecaite any feedback you would like to give us to help us improve the event. Please feel free to email us at with your thoughts.Ideas and even critisisms as this is the only way we will be able to improve and give the racers the best event possible.  

Thank you all very much. 


Sept 21 2021:

Today is the official beginning of Fall and that means we are officially into Indoor Racing season. We have some very exciting news to share as well as some rules updates.
The Champs has always been the place where some of the Worlds best racers have come to join in the fun and exciting racing. We are very excited to announce that 8x European Champion and 2 time Champion of the Woooorrrrllllllddd. Sorry, felt I needed to do that. :-) X Ray Ace Alexander Hagberg will be joining us at the Champs. Alex one of the World best onroad racers will be joining us to run 1/12th Modified and Modfied Sedan.
With the well know shortages of everything in the world, the RC World is no different and we need to get our confirmed list of entries set to ensure we have enough spec motors for the event. If you are coming to the Champs and will be racing 1/12th Stock or WGT-R. We need you to make your entry ASAP. We need to get our final motor order into Hobbywing to ensure we have enough motors for everyone attending.
F1 Tires:
We will be changing our spec tire for this event and will be using the CRC #2320 - Mounted F1 tires-RT-1. These will be available at the event for sale or you can bring your own set new in the bag to be teched.
21.5 Touring:
This class has changed a lot over the course of the last year and it is no longer a beginner class but looked at as the Stock class in onroad racing. To meet the desires of the racers in this class, We will be changing the motor rules to be 21.5 Roar Legal bring your own motor. Full tech inspection will be done on all motors and must meet all Roar Rules.

Now that fall is officially hear, we need everyones help who is planning on attending the Champs to make your entry. The days of waiting until the last minute to enter the event unfortunately cannot be any more as lead times and planning needs to be done well in advance with the current Covid situation in the World.
We all missed not being able to spend Thanksgiving last year with our racing family in Cleveland but are so excited to be back at it this year for the 41st running of the Indoor Champs. Entries can be made online at


June 29 2021

With summer getting into full swing that means only one thing for carpet racers…. When do sign ups open for the 42nd running of the US Indoor Champs. With the unfortunate year the world experience last year and us having to cancel the champs. We are all very excited to announce that the 2021 US Indoor Champs is a go for November 24-28 2021. 

It will again be held at the Embassy Suites hotel which is the perfect place to host this prestigious event.  The hotel has agreed to keep the room prices the same as we had for 2020 at $105 a night. This still includes the full breakfast buffet and every night happy hour with drinks and snacks. You can already book your rooms on the event site at

For this years event we will be adding 1/12th GT Rubber Tire class. This class has gained great popularity around the country and we are looking forward to adding it to this years program.  

Entries for the champs will go live on July 13th at 7pm CT  on the event website at 

Pitting will again be set up in the track area as well as the foyer area as it was in 2019. We are happy to have the race directing duo of Mike Wise and Scotty Ernst running the event again this year to ensure a well run, fun and timely program. 

I know I speak for so many who are all looking forward to getting back to racing and all of us on the Champs team are excited to see everyone in November. 


April 8th 2021

Happy Spring time to everyone.  As the world continues to slowly come out of the fog of Covid, we have been working to get plans set for the 41st runing of the US Indoor Champs on November 24-28 2021. We are happy to announce that the Embassy Hotel will agian be our host for this legendary event and they have agreed to keep the prices the same as we had in 2019. Hotel registration is available now by clicking on the hotel tab and using the link or calling the reservation number. 

Race registration will open on Tuesday July 13th at 7pm CT. All of us on the US Indoor Champs team are excited to get back to racing and look forward to seeing everyone this November to get the tradition rolling again.