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October 19 2020:

To all our family of the US Indoor Champs,
As we all know 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, Uncertainty of the now and of the future. As this summer continued, our hope was for the severity of the virus to subside and life would be somewhat back to normal come the fall. As we all know this has not been the case. We have worked very hard with the hotel to come up with a game plan that would allow us to host the Champs. Unfortunately with the increased restrictions from the state of Ohio as well as the surrounding states and the current restrictions not allowing people from some of the neighboring states to travel to Ohio, we have no option but to cancel the 2020 US Indoor Champs event. Safety is our #1 concern and we feel that at this stage of the current situation, this is the correct thing to do. We understand that this has become a tradition for so many racers each year but this year is unlike any other and we will have to just wait till 2021 to gather again in Cleveland.
Full refunds for all racers who made payment will be sent back immediately and we hope everyone understands that we have to err on the side of caution and safety for everyone involved.
Thank you all for your understanding and may you all be safe during these unprecedented times.


August 19 2020:

Hello everyone, we hope you and your family are all doing well during these unique times. Life as we know it has been changed but for those of us who love this hobby as much as we do, we still want to continue sharing and enjoying events like the US Indoor Champs. Baring any major developments that would restrict us from moving forward, The 2020 US Indoor Champs will continue, yes some things will have to change but the show will go on. We have been in constant communication with the hotel to discuss our options and what protocols we will need to follow to be able to host the Champs.

The big news for this year’s Champs that will allow us to host the event is that we are going back OLD SCHOOL. What does that mean…. Back to the way it was for so many years, Pitting in your hotel room. We know that many of the long time Champs attendees will remember how awesome it was pitting in your hotel room, well, we are bringing that back. This will allow us to follow all the protocols regarding distancing, It will allow more room in the track area for registration, tech inspection, the drivers stand and basically allow us to continue the 40 year traditions of hosting the Champs.

Masks will be required in all public areas during the event. We know some will not want to follow this rule, but it is coming from hotel management and beyond. We will be following this to enable us to host the event.

As the event draws closer, some things may change but our goal is to make sure the Champs rolls on and we look forward to keeping the tradition of spending Thanksgiving racing in Cleveland.

Registration opens on September 1st at 7pm CT at

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let us know.


August 1 2020:

Hello everyone, We hope that you are having the best summer possible with the craziness that is going on in the World. We wanted to give everyone just a brief update on the Indoor Champs. The Champs is scheduled to happen November 25-29 2020. With the latest in new rules regarding the virus, we are currently working with the hotel on the protocols and safety guidelines we need to follow for the Champs. Please know that we will be following all guidlinces needed to ensure the safest experience possible for everyone.
More info will be coming very soon and entries will open on September 1st at 7pm CT at We look forward to seeing everyone in November and keeping the tradition rolling of the Thanksgiving Holiday racing in Cleveland.  


November 22nd:

Time moves so fast and are less than a week away from the 40th Running of the US Indoor Champs. Entries have contineud to come in and we are now at 403 Entries.  I have closed the online registration system as we are moving ourselves to Cleveland tomorow to prepare for the event and have input all entries into the race computers.  Registrations and class additions are still OPEN but you will need to register when you check in on Wednesday or Thursday at the event. We hope everyone has a safe trip to Cleveland and we will see everyone very soon. 

August 5th:

It is never to early to start preparing for the legendary race that is the US Indoor Championships. Registration went live tonight and it was none other than the world famous Robert Dirla who TQ'd Registration. 

July 9 2019:

In the World of RC Racing, there are many large events that have been going for many years but there can only be one that is the longest running organized event in the industry and that event is the US Indoor Champs. The Indoor Champs based in Clevland Ohio will be celebrating its 40th year in 2019.  Throuroughout the years the Indoor Champs was "THE" 1/12th scale event racers from around the World wanted to attend. To win a 1/12th class at the Indoor Champs was as prestigious as a World Championships. The names that have been part of the Indoor Champs is a list of our industries greatest champions. Johnson, Blackstock, Cyrul, Spashett, Neisinger, Dosek and the list goes on and on. The race through the years went through its ups and downs but over the past few years with the hard work and dedication of Ken and Sean and their team, the race has grown back to be one of the must attend events in our industry.  As we prepare for the 2019 event, we are please to annoucne the addition of Scotty Ernst to the team who will help organize and facilitate the event. Scotty has years of organizing and race directing expreince and will help continue to push the Indoor Championships to be the best event possible.  

Plans for the 2019 Indoor Champs are very similar to 2018. We will follow the same schedule for practice days, Classes structure will be similar with only a few changes.  Entry fee and motor prices will be the same as in 2018. We will be adding Triple A finals for the 1/12th Modified Class as well as the 2 largest classes at the event.  

Entries will go live on August 5th at 7pm CT.  at

Pit spaces are lmiited to 220 and filled on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to the 40th anniversary of this legendary event and hope you can join us Nov 28-Dec 1 for the 2019 US Indoor Champs.